What is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing provides a set of tools and teaches a focused state of calm relaxation to assist parents in birthing their baby. It can also be useful as a source of relaxation pre and post birth. It is logical, practical and simple to learn requiring only a commitment from Mum to practise the techniques before the onset of labour. When practised it can be very, very effective. It can also provide a complete antenatal education for both parents and gives baby the best possible start in life.More and more midwives are accessing Hypnobirthing information and incorporating it into their modern day practise.

Women have been birthing their babies since time began. Therefore the female body knows exactly what it needs to do to birth a baby successfully. Hypnobirthing increases confidence and enables a woman to work with her body. Through its teaching and knowledge of what to roughly expect it releases the fear and negativity that can surround pregnancy and childbirth for parents. Of course there may be times when medical help is required for Mum and/or baby. Another advantage of Hypnobirthing is though, if this happens, then Mum is in a more relaxed and focussed state of mind to be able to deal with the situation more effectively.

Ideally both partners would attend classes however some mums attend on their own or bring a relative or friend along.

Classes take place over 4 sessions each lasting approximately 2 hours. These are best accessed any time from 30 weeks of pregnancy onwards. Perhaps the earlier the better as it then offers plenty of time to practise.

The first hour is education and information about pregnancy, child birth and the post-natal period offering many useful tips and insights.

The second hour is devoted to teaching Hypnotherapy using breathing techniques and relaxation methods.

I trained with Katherine Graves and can be found listed as a teacher on her web site. www.kghypnobirthing.com

Her course is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives and, as an ex Midwife myself, I found this to be an essential and important validation.

The course can take place at my location or if better suited to your needs I can come to you.

The cost of the course is variable with a reduction in fees if up to 3 couples (max) can attend together.

Please contact me to discuss costs if needed as I may be able to offer limited training in a different format.

Don’t let the cost get in your way of this valuable resource to you and your baby.


For individual (one couple) sessions the cost of the course is £400.

Always included in cost are a book and CD or mp3 and refreshments !


Please contact me with any questions you  may have.

I love this resource and really enjoy teaching and empowering parents and babies with this lifelong skill.